The septic tank system has a septic distribution box that removes the wastewater. With time, the box can go through the wear and tear process and needs to be replaced. Although replacing the box is not hard, the work is grueling and messy. If you want to do the job on your own, the steps explained in this article can help.

#1 Look For the Distribution Box

Finding the box is not difficult at all. Usually, the box is placed downhill. Alternatively, you can find it at the bottom of some sloping area on your building. The slop works with gravity to pull and distribute the wastewater. If you are unable to locate it, we suggest that you contact the relevant office in your town. They can provide you with a copy of the documents that can identify exactly where the distribution box is located.

#2 Excavations

Usually, the distribution box is buried and can be uncovered by digging the ground with a shovel. All you need to do is shovel until you can custom retail boxes see the box. Once you can see the box, you should keep digging around the box so that you can easily pull the box out of the hole. Make sure you don’t break anything while digging.

#3 Get the Distribution Box Out

Typically, many pipes go into the box. The pipes serve as a means of transferring wastewater. Once you have taken the box out of the hole, you should wiggle it until the pipes get separated from the box. Now, you can disconnect the popes from the other side of the box. As soon as you have removed all the pipes, the box will be free.

#4 Find a New Place

Once you have removed the old box, you need to find a new area to bury it. You can use the shovel for digging and finding the right place. Within a few minutes, you can find the right place.

#5 Rebury the Distribution Box

Once you have found the right place, you should put the new box in the hole you dug. Make sure you have reconnected all the pipes. Now, you should adjust the box making sure that the pipes are connected the right way inside the distribution box. You should check each pipe to ensure they are connected properly. Once you have checked all of them, your next move is to apply some plumber’s putty on the points where each pipe goes into the box. Apply the solution both inside and outside the connecting points. This is to make sure the pipes are sealed properly and there will be no leakage. As soon as you are done with this step, you can rebury the box. That’s it.

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