There are different professions in World of Warcraft and each profession has its own distinct characteristics that together with your skill as a player will determine how you earn gold in the game. You need to choose a profession that will work well for you in earning gold especially if you decide to earn gold on your own and not buy from online gold farms.

There are three specific professions under the Gathering category. The professions under this category require little cash outlay so you may want to start the game with any of these professions: mining, herbal gathering and skinning.

Mining involves mining for different precious items around the world. This is one of the most common professions in WoW because it is favored by new gamers. As a miner, you can make gold right away.

Skinning involves the use of a knife to kill monsters to gather leather and other valuable items. This can be a profitable profession especially when you combine it with other professions such as mining.

Herbal Gathering is a very simple profession that involves gathering herbs that may turn out to be valuable in the Auction House. Herbs, flowers and other plants become valuable when there are used for concocting potions. This profession becomes highly profitable when you reach higher levels because then you can create more complex potions that will sell well.

Under Crafting are five professions: Leather working, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Alchemy and Engineering. Doing leather work is not very profitable but it does help you create items for your troops. You can choose to become a leather worker for a strategic move but if you are looking into earning good gold fast then this is not the profession you would want to begin in.

Black smiths create weapons that can be used in the game. You may not earn too much gold from being a black smith but it can be a Buy wow gold  good profession if you need weapons for the guild.

Tailoring involves creating patches and other items that can be valuable for your game and the other gamers. Items created by the tailor can fetch good gold in the game.

Alchemy involves a lot of chemistry such as creating potions and others. This can earn you good gold provided you do it right like making sure you have herbal gathering in your profession so that you can get the ingredients for your potion.


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