Bar staff often work without direct supervision and liquor waste and theft is hard to detect or prevent. Overpours, spillage and waste are ongoing problems that can mess up any liquor inventory. Drink size portions are not guaranteed with free pouring. Liquor inventory loss can make the difference between profit and loss for a busy bar.

Bar inventory management systems can help measure every ounce of alcohol that flows through a premise, every minute, every day. Easy to install, hotel, bar and restaurant owners can let their staff free pour but quickly manage liquor costs down.

Easy, fast, accurate, invisible to customers, all systems can usually be interfaced with the incumbent POS system. Real time reports give visibility of actual inventory levels and stock movements.


There are several modern systems that can control the complete range of bar drinks:

For spirits and wines compact rechargeable electronic devices can be simply bottle top mounted. These wirelesses pour tags send a signal to the POS system every time a drink is poured. Powerful variance reporting via the point of sale system identifies where and when wastage and slippage occurs.

Bottle mounted ETNs are an option for wall mounted spirits. These pour spirits directly into the glass by activating an inbuilt switch and have a L.E.D display with counter. It’s relatively easy to link these up a with a variance software to see pour reports in detail.

Bulk beer and post mix can be monitored by a flow meter. These devices reduce draft beer loss significantly and are hardware devices installed on beverage lines as moet champagne hong kong they come up from the cellar. They can provide automatic real time calculation of pour costs and a list of list of all pours updated every 10 seconds. Pre-sets are made to make allowances for any beer loss during cleaning.

Alternatively a computer linked fount based system can also be used for draft beer or bulk beverages. By combining intelligent software & a specially designed dispensing fount, up to 8 different beverages can be dispensed to within 98% accuracy every time. This system can reduce pour time dispensing a 30 ml spirit in 2.5 seconds with no over or under delivery. Up to 8 different spirits and/or wine products and post mix dispensing can be delivered from the same fount. Up to six founts can be grouped together to operate throughout the whole venue.


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