40,910 Jesus Christ Illustrations & Clip Art - iStockNow is the time to seize your opportunity to get your victory! You have to let your mind and mouth be flooded with Jesus! You have to think about Him, talk about the mystical teachings of jesus Him, and let your faith glorify Him. I know you’re going through a battle, but you have to be in agreement with God about Jesus.

Why? Because the devil will fight anything that will produce good results in your life. Many people just give up and walk away! But you receive your victory from a position of scripture. That means whatever your battle is, you must be spiritually alive to win. The presence of Jesus in you will anoint you to walk in your new victory. When Jesus helps you win, it’s about your future and destiny in Him.

Things are going to start turning around for your good if you allow Jesus to come into your situation. You have to recognize His greatness and praise Him for it. Jesus is with you in your battle but many times He doesn’t work within your time frame. But if you continue to trust Him, you will see the goodness and victory of Jesus helping you win. The Christian life is all-about a sweet relationship with Jesus! It doesn’t matter what your education level is, your job title or your financial status may be. Jesus is always your first love! The more exalted your thoughts of Jesus, the more you will lift up your hands and say, Thank you Jesus!

Jesus wants you to see Him as your only source of help in every situation. Life is not about who you are, it’s about whose you are. When you lift up your hands to Jesus, you are acting as one who belongs to Him. When your spiritual eyes are fixed on Him and not the world around you, you begin to see life differently. You submit your life to Jesus and allow Him to live His life through you.

The power of Jesus is the power to conquer your problems. Jesus rose from the dead and opened to us the door to eternal life. He has the power to open heaven to all who believe in Him. No one is too insignificant for the Savior to seek and to save! Our Savior is the same yesterday, today, and forever! When the odds are stacked against you and you’re facing problem after problem, circumstance after circumstance. Jesus knows exactly what you need and what blessings would benefit you. Jesus is worthy of all your praise!

If you’re in serious pursuit of Jesus, today lift up your hands and say, Thank you Jesus! you see, as you discover more about His goodness, you also take time to grow in your devotion toward him. You’re building your life on the truth of His Word and He wants you to depend on Him and be led by him. Jesus will give you His principles for wise living and He will give you His ways to help you in your daily Christian walk.

Today, I’m teaching you, your life must reflect the presence and influence of Jesus Christ. You can raise your hands in praise to the One who will make all things new to you. His kindness, His mercy, His love, His goodness, His graciousness. There is only one thing in life worth bragging about – your testimony about Jesus! We have an all-sufficient Jesus and that there is none like Him. Open your Bible to 2 Timothy 1: 10 it says… But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

Jesus came to bring you spiritual life and the Bible is the nourishment your spirit requires for growth and development. The Bible contains the written word of what God has given you regarding Jesus. You see, when Jesus is your Savior you have a craving for scripture! Reading the Bible just on Sunday is not enough! You want to keep moving in the direction of spiritual maturity and likeness to Jesus.

Many people have been saved for years, but they are almost as immature today as they were the day they got saved. Being a Christian disciple means following and imitating Jesus. Seeking Him daily through His Word and spending time with Him is the key to staying full of His presence.

Is Jesus your Savior? This is how you really know! You need to get to the place in your faith where you believe Jesus is who he said he is, The one who opens the windows of heaven. He is the brightness of God’s glory! Jesus is the One who gives you a divine connection to God. He holds all-authority and power in his hands. Jesus Christ is the unique, One of a kind person in all of history. He took on human flesh for the purpose of making the invisible God visible to human beings.

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